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Hot Rod
Vehicle Purchased: A FED. That's Front Engine Dragster, old-school speed.
Purchase Price: $5,000
Why do you think you will win the Charity Challenge?
There's absolutely no way that any team will have a car quicker than ours. Or even fractionally as cool.
How did you get your vehicle?
We had the digger picked out on eBay Motors as soon as we heard that we were invited to participate in the Challenge. We bought it the day the money was loaded into our PayPal account. We had go get it in Portland, Oregon.
What will your vehicle be able to do that no one else's will?
Violent wheelstands, a quarter-mile of tire smoke, and a parachute blossom at the end of every drive.
What kind of person would you want (or NOT want) to bid for and win your vehicle?
Dorks with fear of header flames better hang onto their money.
What's the plan?
Once we get it in the shop, we'll decide if we can resurrect the 400 small-block that sits in the dragster. We hope not. An eBay'd big-block would be far cooler.
What are the major milestones or phases of your build?
We gotta wire and plumb the whole thing, tear it apart for the groovy retro-'60s paint scheme, then throw it together and go drag racing. Then live to tell about it.
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