Years of experience:
Way too many over 30.
Automotive claim to fame:
I drove a 1965 Chevelle at 167-plus mph and lived to tell about it.
First car owned:
1966 389 four-speed GTO
Number of rental cars destroyed:
None. I save my abuse for my own cars.
Manual or automatic?
Four, five or six-speed manual preferably.
Turbocharged or supercharged?
Turbos are very cool . . . or is that "hot"?
Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi. Coke drinkers are Communists.

If you were a car, what model would you be?
A 1966 four-speed Chevelle. It's a bit of a dinosaur, but has classic lines and performs better than you might think.
What do you want to tell the other teams?
It's really demoralizing when you cheat like crazy and still lose!

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