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Looking For Love In All The Right Places
It all started with a phone call. "How would you like to do a project car with eBay?" the editor asked. Well sure. After having owned eight different Mustangs over the years, I had learned that eBay Motors was definitely a car lover's dream.

Our eBay Motors Editors Charity Challenge Cobra gets a tune-up
Doing a search under "Engine Management" on eBay Motors led us to some possibilities, but we settled on the new Big Stuff 3 SEFI engine management system after talking to tuning guru John Meaney. We discovered that this is the only sequential system on the market to include a Wide Band O2 air/fuel ratio control along with individual cylinder fuel and spark compensation as standard features.

Heading For A Showdown
We worked next on collecting as many brake and suspension parts as we could find. Kenny Brown Performance did the install for us and also lent their expertise on the suspension set up. After it all, we found that the car could handle anything the road could throw at it!