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Got Boost - 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

When it came to choosing a project car for the Ford team, Got Boost, it was almost overwhelming with forty years of production and literally millions of different cars to select from. Ford's Mustang continues to be one of the most searched-for vehicles on eBay Motors. There are also 900-plus cars to look at daily from every corner of the country. With such a wide selection of America's favorite ponycar, we knew this was gonna be fun.

A low mileage 1987-'93 Fox body car with no rust and good paint was our ultimate goal. A nice five-speed coupe was the first choice to come to mind, then we thought about finding something that already had some factory modifications done to it to save us the labor and expense of outfitting what we hoped would be one trick pony. We looked at modified coupes and hatches, as well as Saleens and Steedas, until we stumbled across the idea of a Cobra. Hmmm. The 1993 Cobra, with its 240-hp GT-40 engine, 17-inch wheels and four-wheel disc brakes has been considered to be the ultimate Fox body Mustang. There was a good selection to choose from and we looked for a couple of weeks—and then we saw our car!

Ooh la la! It was a vibrant red 1993 Cobra that was just about as cherry as could be. It featured some nice suspension mods with a four-point roll bar and an aftermarket radiator. The thing that sealed the deal, however, was that this car was turbocharged! There was no doubt that this Turbo Snake would be quick to strike and blow the other teams out of the water. We placed our bid, the auction was won and the deal was closed. Before long, our Cobra was in the garage and ready to unwind. This is one pet snake we look forward to letting loose!