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MotorTrend - 2000 VW Golf
After the Build

Motor Trend Project R28: So now what?

The R28 was built, the ten team shoot-out happened, and the build-up story is printed in the December 2004 issue of Motor Trend. So now what? First up is getting back to my regularly scheduled life. The entire R28 eBay build took, well, a while. Now I'm playing catch up with all the other magazine deadlines and tests that weren't nice enough to wait. As for the R28, soon scheduled for install is a new (more heavy-duty) rear differential, some fine tuning of the computer to improve power and further increase driveability, along with some minor wiring upgrades. Also, I'll try to swap on a new set of Kumho Ecsta tires as we've already done a fair job burning up the existing tires and I'd really like the new owner to roll away with fresh rubber.

There is a good chance that some/all of the build-up vehicles will be on display at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show, so if the R28 gets the nod for such duty I'll need to do some final cleaning and detailing so that the Golf stands tall. Soon, eBay will announce when each of the build-up vehicles will go for auction (with all of the sale proceeds going to charity) and already I've heard of many people who are interested in bidding on it.

If you have any suggestions for (or questions about) the R28, buzz on over to the Buzz Board and spew forth your thoughts.