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Motor Trend
Vehicle Purchased: 2000 Volkswagen Golf     Purchase Price: $10,000
Why do you think you will win the Charity Challenge?
Because the best car will win. Duh.
How did you get your vehicle?
I learned of a vehicle that was half built for a previous project that the owner had lost interest in.
What will your vehicle be able to do that no one else's will?
Out handle, out brake, out top-speed, and (possibly) out accelerate every other entry. Plus, we'll have A/C, a bumping stereo and sharp looks.
What kind of person would you want (or NOT want) to bid for and win your vehicle?
Somebody who is really into performance but likes the "wolf in sheep's clothing" approach, this will be the car for them.
What's the plan?
More motor, more suspension, more traction, more looks and more fun.
What are the major milestones or phases of your build?
Getting everything to one location so when the actual build starts, the work will happen quickly. I'm the only guy on the MT team, I'm over committed at work, and I don't have time to string this project along, so it has to happen quickly.
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