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Lane Splitters - 1992 Harley-Davidson FXR
After the Build

Track Day:

8:00 AM
It was a cool and crisp Wednesday morning in Fontana, California at the California Speedway. Everyone showed up with their hunks of junk (They all look bad compared to our bike). We were contending for bragging rights and ownership of the quarter-mile track. Now, all we have to do is find the box of parts we had delivered to the administration office so we can finish building the bike - what? You honestly expected us to do this on time? As luck would have it, DHL scored a homerun, and the new Corbin seat and brake light arrived to complete the Warbird rear fairing/fender. We can't help but swell with a little pride when we look at the FXR. Howard Kelly's inspiration paid off in spades. The bike was tight, lean and menacing simply sitting there in cold morning sun. The twin nitrous bottles hanging from the downtubes were the perfect reflection of the unleashed potential contained within.

8:20 AM
It didn't take long for the other teams to come wandering over and realize their collective gooses were cooked, served and digesting in our bellies. The only fly in the ointment seems to be the Hot Rod Magazine guys who went spastic and bought a '60s dragster and showed up with serious aspirations to whoop ass on the quarter mile but, let's see how they do in the slalom this afternoon. Think we'll wander over to see the Sport Rider bike.

9:00 AM
Uh oh! The Gixxer looks tough. Whatever happens, it's going to be a dogfight. We dyno'd the bike and came away with 170 lb-ft of torque and 163 horsepower when we squeezed the button. Maybe?

10:20 AM
Dr. Gaites is planted on the FXR and doing his best to melt the rear tire in the pit. His first launch out of the hole wasn't brilliant—two missed shifts + no nitrous = 12.1 seconds. That ain't good enough for any of us, so we lined the bike back up and send it out again only to shred the run with a 12.7. We were short on the nitrous and simply turned the intake manifold into a drainpipe for entirely too much gas.

11:10 AM
Pass number three. Fresh nitrous: check. Engine blisteringly hot: check. Boots on, fingers crossed: check. Green light, GO! Zoom down and collect your ticket: 11.1 seconds! A beat to crap '94 FXR ex-police bike came just a short hair away from membership in the 10-second club; oh the irony.

11:20 AM
Dr. Gaites came rolling back and explained that there wasn't enough nitrous in the system. Multiple groans spew forth when we realize that 10 seconds isn't going to happen on our wee beastie. Kent Kunitsugu over at Sport Rider just nailed a 10.3 second run on the GSXR. Screw it, let's go eat lunch.

12:00-5:00 PM
OK. We didn't achieve our goal of beating the GSXR. Or, better yet, our current lack of nitrous, has temporarily kept us from our goal. Be that as it may, we've come to a few conclusions about our bike. From a performance aspect, Dr. Gaites at Cycle Doctor in Costa Mesa, Calif., took a nasty, oil encrusted, and much flogged, 80-inch Evo FXR and turned it into a 103-inch bike that puts out 111 horses at the simple flick of a wrist. With the nitrous properly filled, this number balloons to 170 lb-ft of torque and 163 hp, which in anybody's book is pretty damn awesome. Dr. Gaites is the man to go to for V-twin power.

Even better is the fact that the bike is gorgeous and a total babe magnet. After all, this is the real super-secret reason why we ride them in the first place. We had the bike painted black, to contrast with the chrome and natural aluminum. The only color on the bike comes from a few subtle logos - suffice it to say that at first blush, the bike looks understated—until you really give it a good look and realize that it's truly a monster trying very hard to maintain its composure and look like a normal bike. Our FXR maintains the facade nicely until you start the beast, and all its composure goes right down the crapper; letting the world know that this bike is at the pinnacle of the food chain and craving raw meat.

We were only allotted four months to make it all happen, and finding the internal motor parts was very difficult - especially in light of our desire to make huge power with a very specialized and integrated kit. Be that as it may, most everything, from the calipers to the rims to the shocks to the fairing, to the bike itself, and back again, was pretty easy to come up with. If you haven't gone over to eBay and given them a shot at helping you with parts procurement, then you're probably spending more money, needlessly, elsewhere.

OK, now a word of thanks to everyone who participated in the event. EBay did a wonderful thing donating the money that helped us build the vehicles and bikes that are going up for auction to assist Charity Cars, a group that aids struggling families who need vehicles. Everyone involved went above and beyond the call of duty, devoting a heck of a lot of time to assure that the vehicles were completed, and completed well. The Lane Splitters would like to thank: Dr. Geoffrey Gaites and his crew at Cycle Doctor for picking up the ball when things got wobbly; Erin Boyd for early morning and late night parts procurement; Lifestyle's Cycle in Anaheim, CA for last minute rubber; John Rogers for selling us the bike; Howard Kelly for the design idea; Fred Koplin and Kerry McCammon for direction and motivation; Breanne McMullen for keeping the data flowing, Brad Gerber, Shari Gunn, Sravanthi Agrawal, Tim Wieland, Tracey Parry, and everyone else at eBay, Primedia and Airfoil PR, who worked like fiends to make this challenge a great success. Take a bow and pat yourselves on the back.

Now it's time for you to do your part. This, diabolical, sexy and monstrous FXR could be yours. Think of it, You, riding a bike that we've proven could do an 11.1 second quarter-mile, without really even having dialed in the nitrous. Buy the bike, fill the bottle, see what a 10 second run really feels like. A new Ferrari won't by you better bragging rights. Just submit your bid and ride the dream.