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EuroTrash - BMW M3
During the Build

Team Eurotrash wasn't alone in assuming the eBay Editor's Challenge would be a piece of cake. They give us money, we buy a car and parts to tune it. How hard could it be? Well, greed is a terrible weakness and everybody knows what it's like when you're buying a car: No matter how much money you have, the car you want is always a little bit more.

After days of searching, we were fortunate to find the perfect vehicle - a bright yellow BMW M3, with the early three liter engine that would allow us to turbocharge it without the engine management taking fright. So we found a turbo kit on eBay (you wouldn't believe what you can find on there!) and then proceeded to buy the big brake kit, 18-inch wheels and tires, coilover suspension, race seats, etc.

Admittedly, we had to call in a few favours to secure some sharp prices to meet our budget. And we twisted a few arms to get the parts fitted at knockdown prices. But that's why eBay came to us, right? We'd like to think this car was built to the spirit of the rules, if not the letter. Whereas all the other teams have outright cheated and we're calling foul.

Alright, we'll withdraw our protest to keep the peace and for the little children who will benefit from this great adventure (since the cars will all be auctioned for charity) but we want you to know we claim moral victory before the test figures are gathered. If we get beaten it's because we didn't cheat as much!

Joking aside, the eBay Editor's Challenge has been a great experience for all of us. It's shown the power of the web and the incredible depth of eBaymotors, which seems to have a staggering range of parts for sale. We've also grown strangely attached to the M3, which we've only seen for about a couple of days in between returning from Chicago and traveling between various tuning and stereo shops. You know, I think we'll miss the little fella when he's gone but our boys all grown up and we've got to cut the apron strings. Goodbye Old Yella.