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EuroTrash - 1995 BMW M3

The eBay Editor's Charity Challenge is a great project to be involved with, but let's not get dewy-eyed about this: We want to save lesbian dolphins and clothe attention-deficient Labradors like the rest of you, but this is all about winning. And to win the eBay Challenge is a major task when you're faced with the prospect of going up against some small-block Chevys.

As representatives of Primedia's European performance group, there was really only one choice for our project car; the BMW M3. Our budget would allow us to buy a high-mileage E36 M3, which combines Euro style with a great chassis and a 240hp, 24-valve engine. However, 240 of anything isn't going to win the eBay Challenge, so we've looked to the aftermarket and will be scoring a turbo kit off the eBay auctions to give us what is, quite frankly, an unfair advantage. So we must apologize to the other teams in advance.

With its motorsport heritage, finding components to tune the M3's chassis will be like taking candy from a baby (except we promise to return the candy when the child is older). We don't want to divulge too much information at this point, but we have already suggested to eBay that they have "Eurotrash" engraved on the winner's trophy to save time later.

Are we going to win the Editor's Challenge? We'd have to try really hard NOT to win. A stylish European coupe with turbo power is as close to a sure thing as most of us will ever come, unless you happen to have an introductory free trial voucher for Madam Fifi's House of Executive Stress Reduction.