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EuroTrash - 1995 BMW M3
After the Build

Despite some initial trepidation about the ebay Editor's charity challenge, I think the entire eurotrash team can look back on a job well done. We had to climb a few hurdles to reach the finishing line, but it was worth it in the end. Discounting the bikes, we finished second overall in the final challenge, and that seemed to make the late nights, grazed knuckles and unexpected problems melt away.

The final results vindicated our decision to go with Germany's finest, since we'd hoped the M3 would give us a really strong platform to build on. And we were right. Compared to some other teams, we carried out relatively simple conversions on our car. The most significant was the Active Autowerke turbo kit, which gave us a healthy turn of speed. However, we also wanted a good chassis under the car, and our position in the slalom section proved we'd got our sums right. Good suspension, big brakes and grippy tyres all contributed to the M3's performance. It also helped that we reduced the weight by fitting a carbon hood and trunk and removed the rear seat.

With the inevitable rush to get the car completed the night before the Challenge, there are a few rough edges that need to be sorted before the car is truly finished, but I think we achieved both our goals - to do well in the Challenge and still look good outside a restaurant. Without wishing to detract from the opposition, there aren't many other cars in the event that could say that.