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Dirt Heads - 2000 Dodge Ram

We bought a 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 and had it shipped from Texas to get solid axles in a late model vehicle with no rust and low mileage. The V10 engine is plenty stout—although thirsty for fuel. Sorry Cummins-lovers! We'll see if we can improve on the fuel efficiency with a dose of JBA headers, K&N air intake, and a cat-back Magnaflow exhaust. The A618 transmission felt a little sloppy for our tastes so we'd like to slip a TransGo shift kit into the valve body and maybe add a cast aluminum pan to help keep the ATF cool.

From the transmission back is where our drivetrain gets a little more radical. We're on the look out for an NV 241 transfer case out of a Jeep Rubicon to get rid of the slip yoke NV241D we have now and add a 4:1 low range. We're also looking to add a Dana 60 35-spline front locker to replace the 30-spline Dodge inner axles, and we've already tracked down a Detroit Locker for the rear Dana 70 that will let us run Dana 80 (35-spline) axle shafts. We'll add some 4.88 gears front and rear to offset the 40-inch tires we've got planned. We've already scored the 17x8.5 aluminum H2 wheels that after a trip to the machine shop should bolt onto our eight-lug Dodge. We hope the six-inch Dick Cepek Stage III lift we bought on eBay will clear that much tire and wheel. If it won't, we'll have to break out the sawzall. Don't worry… Bryan Kinney at KC Customs in Santa Rosa, Calif., is already planning a wild paint job to give the truck a unique look to set it apart from every other Dodge Ram out there. Plus he'll be able to clean up any body butchery we've done before you bid on it. Good Luck!