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Dirt Heads - 2000 Dodge Ram

The Dirt Heads eBay Dodge is still laid up at Drivetrain Direct in Corona, California as we await a set of Dana 80 rear axle shafts, a hybrid Dana 70 Detroit Locker, and two sets of 4.56 gears. With the help of Dynatrac we're hoping to retrofit the front Dodge Dana 60 with 1 1/2-inch 35-spline axle shafts and traditional hubs so that we can run the 35-spline T-Locker that we scored from Teraflex's eBay store.

When we get the axles sorted out we still need to find a way to mount our Warn 9500 winch to the front of the truck and clock the transfer case down a few degrees so that the front driveshaft won't bind at full droop. We're going to try and track down a new set of rear leaf springs too because we can't stand the idea of someone buying our truck with the current stacked block rear suspension. After that we're going to negotiate with KC Customs in Santa Rosa, CA to lay down a few custom touches to the paint to give the truck a new look. And of course find a new cat-back exhaust.