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Dirt Heads
Vehicle Purchased: 2000 Dodge Ram 2500     Purchase Price: $13,500
Why do you think you will win the Charity Challenge?
We're the only 4x4 in the challenge
How did you get your vehicle?
Won a nail-biting auction on eBay Motors.
What will your vehicle be able to do that no one else's will?
Conquer the gnarliest trails in the Southwest, smoke the tuner punks at the dragstrip, and still be a comfortable daily driver.
What kind of person would you want (or NOT want) to bid for and win your vehicle?
Who we want: Somebody who'd be willing to meet us at Moab next spring and thrash it! Who we don't: Someone who'll never actually wheel it.
What's the plan?
Build it bigger, beefier, leaner and cleaner, then do our best Bigfoot impersonation when we meet up with the other guys' rides.
What are the major milestones or phases of your build?
Lift it and put 40-inch tires under it. Install locking differentials front and rear. Add some power to the V-10, paint flames on it and then take it on some off-road adventures.
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