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Deadly Viper Assassination Squad - 1994 Acura Integra LS
During the Build

Bought On Ebay And Gussied Up By Editors, This Integra Burns Up The Track

By Brook Howell Photography: Staff

Way back in 2004, someone came up with the great idea of having automotive editors fix up ordinary vehicles, race them and auction them off for charity. In addition to some friendly competition and shared groaning, this resulted in 10 modified vehicles, including the '94 Integra LS seen here. After months of cooperation, the team of Car Audio and Electronics, Import Tuner, Turbo, Honda Tuning and Super Street editors (dubbed the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad) unleashed the Integra on the track.

The fateful journey began with the choice of vehicle. ebay Motors provided a budget of $25,000 for the car and the parts it would take to turn it into a track monster. The magazine editors, being mainly of the import/tuner persuasion, decided to go with the Integra. Purchased for $3,675, the lowly import had a way to go. Fortunately for this popular project car, aftermarket parts abound on the market, online auction sites included. Starting in the front, the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad brought in a VIS carbon fiber hood to hide the LS/VTEC turbo engine with a 3" exhaust and an AEM EMS computer. These new additions weigh down on Tanabe coil-overs and a 5-lug suspension from a USDM 2000 Type-R. It all rides on Toyo Proxies wrapping 17" Ro_Ja wheels.

Inside, the driver can slide back into an eye-popping red Recaro racing seat and try out the Sparco steering wheel in combination with the temperamental, but responsive, racing clutch. This car was built for the track, so you just have to get used to it! In keeping with the goals for speed, the audio system went minimal. Don't look for a bank of subs and an array of amps in here. Instead, the single 12" Audiobahn subwoofer takes its place in the spare tire area in a custom enclosure. An Alphasonik amp runs the entire system, receiving the signal from an Audiobahn head unit. The trunk is given a smooth look by a sheet of vinyl-wrapped MDF laid on top with perfectly placed cutouts to view the hardware beneath. Up front, DEI Studio 3065 components placed in the factory door locations with the tweeters located high on the door panel set the sound stage.

So it sounds good, but how fast can it go? Early on the big track day, a broken front axle threatened to waylay the trials. But the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad flexed their pit crew muscle and patched the Integra up in record time. The team may not have assassinated all the other vehicles, but it showed well. In fact, its quarter-mile time was fourth best of the four wheelers, registering a low 12.77 seconds. Let's hope it does equally well on the auction block.


Suspension: Tanabe coil-overs with front and rear strut tower braces and lower front and rear tie bars, Complete 5-lug suspension from a USDM 2000 Type-R
Wheels and Tires: Ro_Ja LT Series 17x7 w/ 205/40ZR17 Toyo Proxies RA-1
Engine: Fully built LS/VTEC turbo engine with 3" exhaust, AEM EMS computer
Transmission: Six-puck ACT clutch.
Interior: Complete JDM Type-R interior, Sparco steering wheel
Exterior: VIS carbon fiber hood

About Charity Cars

All the proceeds from the auction will go to Charity Cars , a non-profit organization that provides refurbished donated vehicles to struggling families. In addition to refurbishing the vehicles for safety and reliability, Charity Cars provides a license plate, the down payment for insurance, an emergency roadside assistance membership, a service warranty and case management services to families willing to work.