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Custom Truck - 1997 Chevy Silverado

Chosen to represent in the sport truck category is a 1997 Chevrolet 2WD standard cab short bed C1500. This vehicle was chosen due to the great amount of aftermarket parts available for it and the truck also has a fair amount of customization work done on it already.

As the truck was purchased, it had already been endowed with a 2000 Cadillac front clip and Cadillac DeVille taillights. The truck was completely shaved with the door handles deleted, roll pan welded in place and a tailgate skin molded over the factory tailgate with the handle flipped to the inside. Covering the skin of this hauler is some sort of blue color that is supposed to be original from the GM line. The truck came rolling on 20-inch Eagle Alloys with bald and mismatched Goodyear and Hankook 275/45R20 tires. Suspension-wise, our project was riding on a cobbled together air suspension with no clearance work done for the 'bags or the rear axle. Filling the interior is a tweed and vinyl covered seat, tweed door panels, vinyl headliner and non-factory black carpeting. For sounds, a no name head unit was installed with a non-functioning CD player. That wouldn't be too bad under normal conditions except in our case, the antenna was gone. Great. Bottom line: some good work, some bad, changes will be made.

Our team will remove the air suspension and replace it with a bolt on drop kit. The 20-inch Eagles are being replaced with 20-inch front and 22-inch rear wheels. All interior is getting the boot for some factory leather buckets and painted plastics. The truck exterior is going to be transformed with two-tone paint and flames after a little metal massaging is performed. Performance enhancements are in the works with intake, exhaust and computer mods on the list to complete. Of course, tunes will be necessary and our team has the green light to make some noise. The truck will be jumped up a bit from what it is now but overall it is a huge jump versus a factory stock vehicle. I feel bad for the other teams because it's butt-spanking time.