Years of experience:
46 (years of life that is)
Automotive claim to fame:
Popping a Wheelie on the street in a tunnel-ram-equipped '66 Chevelle
First car owned:
Never Mind (I am ashamed to Admit it wasn't a Chevy)

Number of rental cars destroyed:
Outwardly appearing- None. Mechanically- probably all of them
Manual or automatic?
Manual Lover- The Stick is Back!
Turbocharged or supercharged?
Superchargers -4, Turbos- 1
Coke or Pepsi?
I used to work for Pepsi- I never drink colas- Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb for me
If you were a car, what model would you be?
A blown first gen Camaro that runs 9s in the Quarter and cuts canyons with ease!
What do you want to tell the other teams?
Beware the red Bow Tie

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