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Bow Tie Bad Boys - 1972 Chevy Nova SS

Wow, thousands of dollars to buy almost any musclecar we could find on eBay. It seemed like a dream. So much so that after Ed Zinke gave us the go-ahead to at least find a few automotive candidates before our eBay meeting in early April, we couldn't believe it. We had our criteria mapped out. With the rising prices of musclecars and a limited budget, we decided to search for an early '70s Nova. With the underpinnings of a '69 Camaro, cool styling, and a wide availability of body parts our team felt this model would serve the Editors' Charity Challenge perfectly. We had just one more requirement; the car needed, if at all possible, to be located in Southern California. This we wanted for two reasons. First, the car would most likely have almost no rust and second, we could drive over and look at the car before bidding.

So we all hit the electronic pages of eBay at 6:00 am, just hours before the meeting. After looking at one car on the screen located in Fresno, we quickly found a second. Unfortunately, this Nova was in Seattle, Washington. Then after a few more moments of eBay surfing we saw what seemed unbelievable. It was a '72 Super Sport Nova with a custom orange metallic paint job, black Chevelle SS type stripes and a very cool 327 mill under the hood. But best of all, the location was Burbank, California, and the guy had his cell phone number listed. After a short phone call to the owner, we learned he was a high school senior at Burbank High and off on Spring break. We made arrangements to meet two hours after our original find online.

As the awaited time arrived, we drove over to his house where we saw his Nova parked at the curb. The paint shined a mile deep in the sun. The chrome glared with a white light into our eyes. And the interior and engine bay looked awesome.

But we had to keep our head. So all of us spent hours crawling under the car, checking for prior damage, and measuring the frame to be certain it did not have any hard damage. Next, the owner fired the small-block to life and we took our maiden drive up San Fernando Road. The car ran exceptionally well and the 18-year old owner explained that he had built the car with the help of his auto shop teacher, and his father and grandfather. After returning to his home we agreed on a selling price and we secured it on his computer with the eBay auction page.

Now it's the end of May and we have the car parked downstairs at the Primedia building where it awaits our own plan of high-performance madness. With our remaining eBay budget we're eagerly looking forward to giving this Nova all it deserves. It's had such a great past, we want to be sure to give it a greater future.