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Bow Tie Bad Boys
Vehicle Purchased: 1972 Nova     Purchase Price: $10,100.00
Why do you think you will win the Charity Challenge?
Car will not only perform but will also have high appeal to bidders to bring big bucks in auction.
How did you get your vehicle?
Upon getting the go ahead on parameters of this program, Bob Mehlhoff jumped onto eBay Motors. The Team sorted out that a Nova would be a solid candidate as having a good cost to car availability ratio. Found the purchase vehicle within the first hour of surfing. (See below for added details- The Buy)
What will your vehicle be able to do that no one else's will?
Unknown at this time as we do not know what the competition will bring to the "party."
What kind of person would you want (or NOT want) to bid for and win your vehicle?
We would like someone who will truly appreciate the car to bid and win the auction.
What's the plan?
With $14,900.00 in parts and labor after car purchase, there is ample funding to turn this Nova into our "Bad Boy." Project to date plans include:

1. Removal of current 327 and installation of a 383 or 415 stroker and Turbo 350 transmission. Estimated cost of $6,500.002.

2.Replace current brake system for 4-wheel disc. Estimated cost $4,500.003.

3. Replace current front suspension with Tubular control arms and related handling improvements. Estimated cost of $2,500.004.

4. 17 inch wheel and tire package. Estimated cost of $1,200.005.

5. Labor is estimated at $3,000.00. This amount will need to be retrieved through sales on eBay Motor of engine/ transmission and current rally wheels.

What are the major milestones or phases of your build?
Step 1 will be securing parts through purchase on eBay Motors for Engine/ Transmission, Brake system, and suspension system. We expect this will take in excess of 30 days during which time some work will progress.

Step 2 is the major operation of the Engine/transmission conversion. We are all positive that unknown issues will "pop up" during this portion of the build.

Step 3 and a major hurtle will be getting total agreement on the wheel tire package to put the car on. As different as each member's personality will be their own proposed style and tire fitments.

Step 4 is the "look forward to" as Team Members will be able to lend their hand to drivability through some track time. Step 5 is our plan to dominate

Team Tracker:
Budget consumed:  

Percent complete: