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Vehicle Purchased: 2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000     Purchase Price: $7,500
Why do you think you will win the Charity Challenge?
We're pure of heart
How did you get your vehicle?
Found it on eBay from a local seller. Drove 20 minutes to pick it up. Yawn.
What will your vehicle be able to do that no one else's will?
Wheelie through the lights at the end of the dragstrip, with the back tire throwing chunks of rubber like a disgruntled soccer fan.
What kind of person would you want (or NOT want) to bid for and win your vehicle?
A squid intent on proving his manhood. (Women are exempt from this malady, apparently.)
What's the plan?
Obtain and intelligently modify a Suzuki GSX-R1000 suprbike for true dual use: a capable streetbike and a take-no-prisoners track tool.
What are the major milestones or phases of your build?
Purchase bike. Find all the go-fast, look-good parts. Season to taste.
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